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Top-Quality Service From All Metal Customs in Corona, California

Scratched Rim Repair

Your rims play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. You’ll find it difficult to hide any scratch, scrape, or ding on your rim. Have a rim repair specialist refinish your damaged rim like you will have an auto body specialist fix a scratch on your paint job. We are poised to provide scratch rim repair. Irrespective of how minor the damage to your rim may be, our team of highly skilled technicians fixes it as quickly as possible.

Wheel Refinishing and Polishing Services

Brushing up your car goes beyond visiting the car wash. We specialize in refinishing and polishing of wheels. With our wealth of experience in wheel care, we put that finishing touch to your car using top-notch refinishing service. At the end of it all, you’ll be driving the slickest car in town.

Damaged and Bent Wheel Repair

The responsibility to make your car safe lies with you. If you continue to drive a vehicle that has some damages, you may be prone to risk any time you drive out because your wheels and tires endured constant pressure and happen to be the most vulnerable. In case your wheels are damaged or bent, you may consider scheduling an appointment with AMC Wheel Repair Service.

Powder Coating

We can powder coat any type of metal that resists 400 degrees (e.g., wheels, calipers, motorcycle parts, car parts, etc.). We stock a variety of powders including semi-gloss, gloss, flat, candys, and clears. We can also custom-order any other color out there.


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